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Bad@patching, great@graphics; belief in sincere visual communication to foster brand progress, no frills or decoration. Patchwork Häus is a design studio that transforms brands through tactful visual approaches & meaningful brand stories. Pahä, c/o Patchwork Häus. 
Areas of services are Branding, Design, & Digital experiences across all platforms.
Comm Arts Typography Shortlist [Y] 2023
D&AD New Blood Pencil Winner [Y] 2021 
Silver Addy [Y] 2021
Bronze Addy [Y] 2021
YoungShits Finalist [Y] 2020

Danielle Grimm strives to ensure that diversity in gender, age, race, and culture is evident in all my projects and partnerships.
All images, graphics, and ideas were created by Danielle Grimm. All collaborators are credited and acknowledged for their contributions. Speculative projects showcasing professional Design + Art Direction expertise may include stock photos and professional imagery. Credits to Photographers, Directors, and Creative leadership are duly acknowledged. All unofficial work is clearly labeled. For materials not designated as unofficial, reproduction or adoption requires prior written consent from the owner for texts, images, or graphics. Dani Grimm, Designer & Art Director @Patchwork Häus, Creative Services Co.

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